Effect of Korean Ginseng verified by Modern Medicine
1). Korean Ginseng is effective in preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease and enhancing cognitive performance
2). Korean Red Ginseng improves blood circulation and lowers blood pressure
3). Korean Ginseng has anti-carcinogenic and cancer-preventing benefits
4). Korean ginseng is effective in preventing and treating diabetes
5). Korean Red Ginseng is effective in alcohol detoxification (hangover reduction)
6). Korean Red Ginseng improves sexual performance
7). Korean Red Ginseng has anti-fatigue and anti-stress effects
8). Korean Red Ginseng has anti-ageing effects
9). Korean Red Ginseng enhances immune function
10). Korean Red Ginseng exerts anti-AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) or anti-viral action
11). Korean Red Ginseng is effective in reducing obesity and hyperlipidemia
12). Korean Red Ginseng is effective in detoxifying drug addiction
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* Information above is extracted from Understanding of Korean Ginseng issued by The Society for Korean Ginseng
* Many other references are available (Please refer to the other item “Literatures” on this internet site)