Typically to introduce some Chinese books ; Chung Ts’ Mae Yo Hsueh (Pharmcology of Chinese herb) , Shen-Nung Pen-Ts Mae-Pen Ts’-Mae Kang Mu,
Pen Ts’Mae Kang Mu describes the effects of Korean ginseng, interpreted with a view of modern medicine and summarized as follows:-
   1). Quickly restores men and women from weakness, and aids the function of internal organs.
   2). With nerve tonic effect, relaxes paints suffering from exhaustion, palpitation and uneasiness
   3). Prevents viral disease and influenza by increasing the resistance
   4). Makes eye keen and enhances brain activity
   5). Has a notable effect on the subjective symptoms of diabetes such as thirst, overeating, and         frequent urination
   6). Halts severe vomiting
   7). Strengthens the stomach function, cures the acid dyspepsia and enhances digestive action
   8). Good for vomiting and habitual diarrhea caused by chronic gastroenteritis
   9). Helps reduce the gas in the stomach and the large intestine
   10). Good for internal diseases accompanied by physical weakness due to overwork or improper           nourishing
   11). Can be used in case of paralysis or malfunction of hands and legs due to stroke or cerebral           apoplexy. And good for chill in the stomach as well as indigestion by suffering from heat
   12). If one takes ginseng regularly for a long period of time, it invigorates body and prolongs life
   13). Use it when one feels oppressed in chest and has difficulty in breathing due to indigestion or           lack of physical vitality
   14). It destroys, terminates, and restores the tumorous tissues including cancer
   15). Promotes secretion from gall bladder and bronchus
   16). Good for indigestion from cold accompanied by fever
   17). Good fro poisoning by misuse of mineral medicine
   18). Strengthens the lung function when breathing capacity decreases and irregular breathing           occurs
   19). When in short of humor due to exhaustion, it promotes secretion of the body fluids
   20). Use it for all kinds of gynecological diseases during pregnancy or after delivery. It also vitalized           stamina, helps supplementing blood, and stops hemoptysis, hematuria, and bleeding in the           uterus, colon, and stomach
   21). Controls fever caused by overworking of the heart, the lung, and the digestive system due to           physical weakness or excessive labor
   22). Good for bad diarrhea and colitis
   23). Good for headache and dizziness
   24). Stop sweating from the loss of vitality as well as consumptive fever
   25). Can be used for frequent urination or urination difficulty
   26). As a cardiac stimulant, it promotes metabolism or aids blood circulation when used for           neuralgia or paralysis in the limb
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   2). Wu Chun : Shen Nu Pen T'sao King(A.D 250)
   3). Li, Shig-Chen : Pents'ao Lang Mu(1597)
A painting of mountain spirit (The mountain spirit presents a Korean ginseng to a faithful housewife whose father-in-law suffers from a hard-to-cure disease